Hey there! I am Rashi, and I love to write, and this is my imperfectly perfect work in progress website. I live in India, and I am obsessed with latte, and I love to spend time around nature (and the love for petrichor.)

Sometimes when you get stuck, listen to your heart. That’s what I did! I have been very inclined to do things that come from my heart and not out of some compulsion. I love to write, read, and express my thoughts creatively. Sometimes I enjoy throwing colours on my canvas.

After doing my bachelor’s in design, I realized that it wasn’t something I love or see myself doing down the lane after years. After exploring 9 to 5, I knew what’s not for me. I kept exploring choices until I found writing, my muse. Finally, I gathered the courage to be on the path of discovering my purpose. Today I am here, a curious soul getting up every day with excitement and joy to start my work and serve you the best way possible.

Months of dedication and hard work helped me get my tag of Certified Content Writer. Now, I am a passionate writer who wants to deliver the best to you and help you provide the best to your clients. With an eye for detailing, the best work comes with detailed research and an understanding of TG’s taste and preference.

My goal is to create engaging, relevant, and unique content. A message that communicates well, keeping in mind the TG personas. The aim is to deliver conversational and professional quality to suit your requirements. I am here to increase your conversions and amplify your sales.

I look forward to being your go-to person for all your content requirements. You can connect with me via mail@theartmired.com


I have been very flexible with my work options, and I have tried my hands on various subjects.

  • I have done my Bachelors In Designing from FDDI. In addition, I did an internship in content writing with TOI and pottery with Mrs Rekha Goel during my grads.
  • I had a great time learning management skills and contemporary art in the Museum Of Goa under Dr Subodh Kerkar, the founder.
  • After my graduation, I worked as an Editor with a fashion and lifestyle magazine for a short time. Eventually, I ended working in a social media agency as a Business Associate.
  • Since last year and a half, I have been writing blogs for the venue booking company, VenueFirst.com

The journey has been quite adventurous and has taught me endless things. I am grateful for all the lessons learned. 



I am hopelessly in love with the Universe.

Let us connect!