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Top 10 Delicious Healthy Late Night Snacks: Your Free Guide!

There is something about late-night snacking that most people find it challenging to tackle. But, of course, a packet full of chips, biscuits, and crunchies and oh, those irresistible pizza slices can be tempting sometimes, especially if it’s resting on your kitchen shelves.

Where ‘work from home’ became a trend and ‘home-cooked food’ was on the rise, we didn’t realize how lockdown changed our eating patterns meanwhile.

Whether watching movies on OTT platforms, binge-watching series, to attending virtual parties and online games, the pandemic has undoubtedly created a new culture where snacking has become a more dominant part of our lifestyles. 

Most of the people weren’t following any daily eating routine during the lockdown, and as a result, there was an increase in mid-evening, late evening, or late-night snacks. And a significant number of people were snacking most of the time, leading to a change in snacking patterns.

Strangely, pandemic changed the lives of many for good and bad both. But, unfortunately, many handled the uncertainty by indulging in unhealthy lifestyle habits, while many became wiser and more potent.


Late night snacks

But you know the best is that lockdown taught most of us about the importance of healthy eating habits. As a result, people are now moving towards a healthier lifestyle and conscious eating. Because of the increased rate of mindful consumption, many Indian brands are coming with more healthy snacking options. 

Even when all your attempts to keep your stomach full fail, hunger strikes. So who wouldn’t like to have a bowl of some delicious snacks by the side at night while your eyes are on Money Heist?

So if you’re into the late-night working shifts, a night owl or a night movie buff, I know how hard it is to survive just on the water when your stomach is rumbling. So whether you blame it on boredom, stress or cravings, remember always to pick food items that help you achieve a peaceful, undisturbed night.

So if you’re wondering what to eat at night without adding unhealthy calories and spiking sugar levels, continue reading. And, don’t worry, I’m here to solve your problem by giving you a list of some healthy and best late-night snacks options to satisfy your stomach without inviting guilts. 


Let’s check out the top 10 late night snacks-

Banana Dipped In Almond Butter:

Drop one tablespoon of unsweetened almond butter on a baby-sized banana to enjoy the nutty flavour for your late-night cravings. The melatonin present in almonds or almond butter enhances the quality of your sleep. 


Protein Power Punch:

  1. Try for a protein-rich food that aids in muscle repair and controls muscle loss.
  2. Ditch soda drinks and add tasty and high protein milk to your diet.
  3. Experiment with frozen pineapple and low-fat dairy for a refreshing punch at night. It’s a great option if you’re into regular exercising and weightlifting. 


Wholesome cereals: 

Besides adding them to your healthy breakfast, they are a great option over those processed refrigerated food items. Oatmeal is a complex carb that will break down slowly in your system, controlling the spike in blood sugar levels. It also has melatonin which promotes good sleeping.


A Handful Of Nuts:

healthy alternative snacks

Walnuts, Almonds and pistachio are the best picks for healthy late-night snacks. Both nuts are rich in melatonin, a compound that’s sure to give you quality sleep. To cut on your sodium intake, choose unsalted or lightly salted nuts. 


Puffy Popcorns: 

Popcorns has emerged as a popular snack in India, as per various online reports. It’s filled with zinc, copper, fibre, antioxidants, and nutrients, making it a healthier alternative. A small bowl of popcorns is much better (avoid eating it with too much salt and butter) than those sugary cookies and chips. It’s light on your pocket and one of the easy late-night snacks. 


Healthy Greek Yoghurt:

If your heart craves a creamy treat, Greek yoghurt can be a delicious idea. Drizzle it with a handful of nuts, cherries, or raspberries to make it outstanding. Greek yoghurt is an excellent source of vitamins, protein and contains gut-friendly probiotics to keep you full. However, remember to check the label as you wouldn’t want to add unhealthy ingredients before going to bed unnecessarily.


Unwind With Herbal Teas:

A cup of chamomile, passionflower and lavender will be a perfect choice for deep sleep. Enjoy the herbal aromas and the hot soothing tea (caffeine-free), reducing stress and promoting calmness before hitting the bed. 


Garlicky Hummus With Veggies:

what to eat at night

The famous Middle Eastern dip, spread or savoury made with mashed chickpeas, can be your best choice for flavoursome late-night cravings. You can eat it with roasted vegetables like carrots or with pita bread. It has protein and plenty of other nutrients and is one of the great healthy alternative snacks.


Baked Sweet Potatoes:

Instead of those unhealthy fatty potato fries and wedges, try incorporating sweet potatoes into your diet. Sweet potatoes are sweet, starchy root vegetables and are readily available in various sizes and colours. Besides being high in fibre and antioxidants, they are great potassium, magnesium, and calcium source. 


Evergreen Fruits:

You can’t go wrong with these colourful, unadulterated, and nutritious gifts of nature. So, if you’re craving sweet, consider apples, kiwi, grapes, bananas, watermelon, pineapple, tart cherries as some of the safest choices for late-night cravings. Many contain sleep enriching nutrients and are perfect for your taste buds. 



You don’t have to feel guilty or resist eating if you’re feeling hungry. All you need to do is keep some healthy alternatives handy to avoid consuming fried, sugary, and processed food items.

Smart snacking has become an essential part of our lifestyle. Peanut butter, walnuts, bananas, oatmeal, Greek yoghurt, hummus etc., are some of the excellent healthy options for late-night snacking. Ensure to read ingredients to avoid consuming excessive salt, sugar, and fat as they are difficult to digest and hamper the sleeping cycle.


It’s difficult to get sleep if your stomach is empty; therefore, picking the right snack that is rich in nutrients is essential. Remember to select food items that contain sleep-enriching compounds like serotonin, melatonin, magnesium, and calcium.

What would you prefer from the above list to satisfy those late-night cravings?



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