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The Exciting Winter Guide To Everything You Need To Celebrate

The season’s lazy nature, the tastier and colourful cakes, and traditional delicacies, the feel of red, green, and the sparkling lights all around, unlimited hot beverages, the festive vibe, and the thick sweaters, that smile of biting cold encapsulates a perfect happy side of the winters for many.

Are you a winter lover? Are you the one who likes to be lazy in the winter season? I CAN LIE IN BED WHOLE DAY WITH MY HOT LATTE …..until I hear the sound of my mom shouting at me to stop behaving like a zombie in the cold weather.

Even though many of you would love to snuggle up inside a cosy thick blanket but still crib about it due to the biting cold, it’s rugged, I KNOW. The struggle to stay warm in the cold days and nights is real. Celebrating winters are challenging; whether to step out or keep lying the whole day, it’s baffling sometimes, but I am excited to share winter tips and throw some light on ways to make the winter season unforgettable.

What’s winter for you? DARK. COLD. DRY or WARM. ROMANTIC. FESTIVE. Irrespective of all the sides of the winter season, there are still plenty to make you jump and smile.

I do not know about many parts of the world, but here in India, it’s kind of a crazy winter in the northern region, and even some places turn into a snow land. So the days are short, the evenings are darker than usual, and nights are entirely long and so-romantic.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home.”
– Edith Sitwell

Winter has something or the other for everyone; all you need to do is find your muse for the season. If you are reading this, you and I are not very different, and I am sure that even you can make the best of the holiday season with these few exciting winter celebration ideas!



hot chocolate

Why not make the season sweeter and warmer with some hot chocolate or latte, for that matter? Of course, I can have both but truth be told, I am a LATTE person. 

What about hot chocolate…the thick, silky, and delicious hot beverage is one of the cold season’s most favoured drinks.

Bonus- it’s yum and keeps you warm. Here you go!




For the joy of staying warm and keeping the fashion quotient on top, layer, and layer more with scarves, sweaters, pullovers, and so much more!

Bonus- winter outfits are versatile! You can even borrow it from your friends, steal it from your sister, and you are good to go! I like to steal my brother’s hoodie; it satisfies me, keeps me warm, and makes me look like a giant bear. YES!

Are you a winter thief?



winter sunshine falling

Sunbathing is so satisfying in winters! It will help if you absorb every bit of winter sunshine. Its warm and soothing properties add the much needed magical potion to make you feel good and happy. You can’t miss it!

Besides, it giving Vitamin D to the world gives me immense pleasure to uplift my mood. It makes me active and helps me relax at the same time.

Do you also spend hours on the terrace lying on the wooden bed, looking at the sky and then suddenly covering your eyes from the direct sunlight? IF SO, YOU ARE ON THE WINTER TRACK!


winter indian sweets
Self clicked photo of homemade ‘gajar ka halwa’


Celebrate the season with some desi meetha on the side! Wow! Whether you bake, cook, or shop, sweets come along as the winter arrives.

I don’t know about you, but I have seen mom stocking carrots for gajar ka halwa every year during winters. Then scrumptious other traditional meetha like gazak and chikki are few popular go-to options for guests and friends. Let’s not forget to give some love to show stopper methai – malai-makkhan (foam-like sweet, made of milk and cream and is known and famous in the U.P. Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, add this to your to-do list, I insist). Are you already tempted?



christmas vibes

Ho Ho Ho! It’s the state of mind. Who wouldn’t like some cookies, cakes and some festive drinks with friends and family? YOU WOULD LOVE IT, and I LOVE IT!

Indulge yourself in signature Christmas dishes like vanilla-gingerbread cheesecake, cinnamon apple crumble, carrot muffin, plum cake, etc. And some desi Christmas sweets like dadol (made with jaggery and is a traditional Goan sweet), bebinca (Indo-Portuguese dessert, especially popular in Goa). The list can be overwhelming!

With holiday cheer, good food, and light in the air, Christmas gives you the perfect farewell to end the year on the sweetest note.

I have been celebrating Christmas for the last five years, and I can’t emphasize the level of excitement it brings much before 25th December. Right from shopping confetti, gifts, making crafts, and setting up the X-mas tree, it’s all that I genuinely look forward to as the winter knocks on the door.

For me, it is the feeling of Christmas coming, and I love it!



winter fire

Even if you have got that perfect winter outfit to keep you warm, don’t you still want some more? I always want more. There is nothing better than curling up inside a warm sheet with a book in hand, coffee by the side while soaking up the oozing heat from the fireplace.

Setting up the bonfire in the dark, cold night with some potatoes, tomatoes, sweet- potatoes, etc., to have the perfect barbequed appetizers, you know you’ve planned a perfectly warm-cosy winter night! DON’T YOU AGREE?

Enjoy. Sit back and be safe around fire.



cat lazying out

The one universal truth about winters is- we all more than often would love to do nothing at all during the lazy season, and honestly, isn’t that one of the best ways to enjoy the cold weather?

Times when a soft furry blanket comforts the body, some delicious food pleases the soul, NETFLIX to chill, and that’s it! SORTED FOR WINTERS. That’s me, though! So don’t forget to kiss your softest blanket before sleeping and after waking up. OK.



night drive

Friend – Hey, “let’s go for a drive.”

Me- “ugh, it’s shivering cold, but, anyway, let’s go.”

Let’s go because winter is here for hardly 2-3 months and that feeling of the chilly wind when hits your body, you get some instant shock that makes your nose red and let you appreciate the warmers, the socks, the scarf, the gloves, and that extra shawl.

The view of the world in that white blanket is something one shouldn’t miss. So, let’s go! You can’t miss out on long drives on cold winter nights.



Let’s admit it; sometimes, even those endless reasons aren’t enough to kick you out of bed for some physical activities. And by all means, you will not miss out on keeping your body warm, even if that involves some exercises during winters.

Sweat feels the best in winters; it helps balance the body temperature and gives you the needed push to start your days with power pack energy.

“I pray this winter be gentle and kind—a season of rest from the wheel of the mind.”
John Geddes

Make sure you enjoy and dance it out while keeping up with the dropping temperature.



snow sparkle

It’s an excellent way to let the winter charm drive you to play and cherish the season’s snow. So get dressed warm, go out and play with your baby pet, your family, and have the best times snowing around!

Unfortunately, I have heard and seen so much snow, but only on screens and in my dreams. But, yes, the fact is whether making a snowman, snowball, a winter castle, or shovelling the snow …I have been waiting my entire life for snow play.

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.

So with that in mind, if you are lucky, don’t forget to play and embrace the winter snow.



couple holding hands

You have more than enough reasons to cuddle more. It’s a perfect time for all the love birds to get even closer and spend some romantic times with one another and get spoiled in winter love. Click cute pictures with snow, coffee mugs, or winter caps and create everlasting memories.

How about surprising your mum or friends with some exciting winter set-up illuminated with lights, gifts, greetings, and cotton clouds.

Get creative and hopelessly romantic.



Winter is the season of love. So think and remember the good days, spend quality time with your loved ones, make merry, and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season.


So, which part of the winter season excites you the most? Tell me in the comments section, and let’s know each other better.







Picture Credits- Pexels, Unsplash 


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