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All you need is love.

John Lennon

Home: your venue for all celebrations

If it’s your birthday, anniversary, promotion, or any celebration, shout out loud and be happy about it. And if you are upset or do not know how to celebrate special days amid lockdown, then you have come to the right place.

When every other day, it is just the same thing past few months, how can we let our special occasions get lost in the avalanche of uncertainty? We all are supposed to stay inside, keeping in mind our safety and undoubtedly our only constant, and the safest venue is our home sweet home.

If the lockdown concerns you because you can’t go outside anymore for parties, birthdays or any celebration, don’t worry. Let me show you a brighter and a different side of lockdown that will make you celebrate the days in an interestingly unusual manner. We do not know when things will get back to normal, and therefore it’s best to find a way to live life with a smile and celebrate while we can.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate
-Oprah Winfrey

You are not going to forget your special occasions celebrated during the lockdown. Who would have thought to conduct virtual parties, online weddings and what not! Yes, all this is possible but not on the usual terms and conditions. Thanks to life-saving video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. All you need is functional internet connectivity while maintaining the safety guidelines.

Let us dive deep and explore the ways to celebrate:



a boy blowing birthday candles in lockdown

Wow! Birthdays are and will always be special, and I will make sure you feel it that way. It’s simple; whether it is your birthday or your closed ones, it’s time you go the extra mile to make it great.

  • Bake the cake at home
  • Get the cake delivered if it is your friend’s, cousin, or boyfriends’ birthday.
  • Make a time-lapse video of a handmade card and share it with the birthday star.
  • Inform the entire friend group to be ready with a birthday message
  • Get on a group video call

Celebrations amid lockdown might not be the same, but with some elements, you can still be sure to have a blast.



a couple holding hands

Instead of starting the day with the much-predicted cake cutting ceremony, let’s plan it creatively.

  • Surprise your partner with a photo album expressing your love journey
  • Lit candles and spread them in your room (be careful with the fire)
  • Things you would have done at an outside venue, like calling for delicious food, cocktail, desserts, etc., plan the menu and call for home delivery. Consider calling it from restaurants with safety badges.
  • Arrange a group video call with loved ones and play some games like- truth & dare, quizzes on personal likes and dislikes, memory games etc.
  • Cook breakfast together, and if you are away from your partner, still do everything together by being available virtually. It’s going to be one beautiful memory.

Love means no boundaries!



father holding baby in his hands

Many rock stars have arrived amid the lockdown and have brought back the excitement, love, positivity, warmth so much at one time. Let us welcome them all with love.

  • Get a customised welcoming cake.
  • Make some handwritten loving quotes on motherhood and stick them on walls, tables etc.
  • Decorate your home with some handmade paper cut-outs and welcome the mother with good energies
  • Prepare some delicious and healthy food for the new mother and welcome her with grace.
  • Arrange a video call with all family members to let them see the baby star finally. Together recite some traditional prayers for the well being of the mother and baby.

Use some pillows, soft toys, and bedsheets as a part of your décor. Cherish the moment and be ready for an incredible journey.



Of course, no grander Indian or destination weddings, but there are ways you can get married virtually over a call or with a guest list of 50 as permitted by the government of India. Honestly, I was not sure of the virtual wedding at the beginning of the lockdown, but it changed my mind after seeing many couples who made it possible. Let us look at some of the ways of conducting weddings amid the lockdown.

  • Planning remains an essential activity, even for a virtual or even for a very closed wedding. If you are to call your 50 guests at a venue, social distancing is mandatory.
  • Right from wedding shopping to wedding feast, make a plan and book things online in advance.
  • Create an e-invite and with date, time and venue and select a dress code(if any). Please share it with your friends, family and get ready for the historic wedding.
  • Inform your people to be ready for raising a toast during the wedding. Do not forget to take a picture or a screenshot of the moment.
  • Make the wedding selfie corner at your home to click exclusive wedding photos.
  • Make it unique, pick some online gifts and get them delivered to your guests’ doorstep as a token of love.
  • Finally, spare some time for one another and relax over a drink.

A virtual wedding should not stop you from enjoying your big day. Do it differently while maintaining social distancing.



Remember the days when every weekend was just like a mini get together with friends, colleagues, or family, the one without restrictions. Now, we all think twice before even stepping out of the house; clearly, life is not the same. Fortunately, we have exceptional technology, and it is our best friend in these difficult times. So, with a video conferencing app and some fresh ideas, you can still manage to have your people around you.

  • Ask all the guests an appropriate time during the weekend and fix an hour for the virtual get together party.
  • Decide the food menu and plan some games. You can play online Ludo or Tombola on WhatsApp groups to make it more engaging and exciting.
  • Ask everyone about their lockdown experiences.

You may miss physical presence, but such virtual get-togethers will bring back your memories and will keep your bond intact with your close ones.


There aren’t any reasons not to celebrate. Whether you keep it simple or dramatic, make sure you weave a great celebration story to tell your kids, friends, family, and others. Hoping to make it easier for you, we would love to know your views on the same.


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