11 Tips on how to manage time during lockdown

Being a citizen of the second most populated country, it is the toughest battle for India. The best and the safest thing to do right now is to lock ourselves down, stay safe and contribute in this fight against COVID-19

Are you feeling bored at home during this lockdown? I get it as we have never been inside our cocoons for this long. But, seeing the silver lining of the situation, we now have more time than ever for the things we never thought we would ever get enough time for.

It’s time we handle the lockdown with positivity and patience. It shall pass too.

We all have been using social media, which naturally make us pass our time with zero effort, but let’s go beyond the usual screens and do something exciting and fun. I have gathered a list of ideas for you to make the best of your time during lockdown:

Workout at home

Are you missing your intense workout sessions? It is the best time to discover exercises that can be done at home. Exercises can be a stressbuster during these difficult times. It will not only keep you healthy and fit but also adds a lot of other benefits to your overall lifestyle and well being that will help you in the long run.

a girl doing exercise on yoga mat

Be it yoga, dance, cardio or just a few minutes of walk, make sure to continue doing your workouts for a healthy and happy life. If you are already a fitness freak, start taking fitness challenges, and if you are a beginner, there are endless options of fitness tutorial that will help you kick start your workouts.


Learn a new skill

Struggling to find out more ways to manage lockdown? There is no better way to add to your existing knowledge and resume. With so many resources available online, register for courses that interests you. Right from online courses, digital workshops and live sessions, you can invest your precious time in learning as much possible from the experts just by sitting at home.

learn a new skill online

All you need is a laptop and internet to change your life and get closer to your goals. After all, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.


Bring back your lost passion

Remember the classes we left off in between due to our hectic lives before lockdown? Isn’t it great to give it a try to things we still are fond of but never got time for it? Be it your love for painting, DIY’s, baking, music, writing, etc., bring yourself back and discover, you never know this might change your life forever. Do all the things you love and nourish it by doing it regularly.

a table full of paint, canvas and color palette

You may not have this time again, so make the most of lockdown by discovering all about you.


Play indoor games

The best way to distract your mind from all the negativity around is to bring back elements from your happy childhood. We can never get tired of our favourites- monopoly, ludo, snake & ladders, business, Uno cards, dumb charade, antakshari etc. It is time we get back to the basics and enjoy our time with these lockdown games rather than feeling sad about it.

ludo game

And if you are stuck alone in this lockdown, consider playing games online as there are great options for that too.


Spend quality time with your family

There is nothing more beautiful than just being there for one another. Sit, communicate and share, just about anything. Spend time with your children, play along and treasure the time that you have got with the most important people of your life.


Create memories, build stronger bonds and feel grateful to be able to be there for one another in these difficult times.


Play your old cd’s and cassettes

One way to stay out of boredom is to relive the old memories. Take out the CD’s of weddings of your parents or siblings, old albums of your 1st birthday party, videos of school days and those clips of our annual school functions. You would not realise how your time will fly once you travel back in time.

a vintage stack full of old photos and albums

You can even consider dusting off your childhood albums to ensure a great time.


Cook and enjoy homemade fresh food

Let your inner chefs out and experiment with your hands-on cooking. Cooking is a therapy for many, and while we all are stuck inside our homes, it is not only necessary, but it is a perfect way to engage time in cooking delicious homemade food. It is not about making something extraordinary but soul-satisfying food to feel happy and full.

couple cooking


If you want to cook something special and unique, you can even check out thousands of recipes online. The best part is its a beautiful art that not only keeps you happy and engaged but also become the reason for others’ smile as well.


Start reading a book

They say, “books are the greatest way to escape.” Many who are fond of reading would know how easy it is to get lost in different stories and worlds. But for many who never tried or got time to start reading a book, must try. It not only helps you broaden your perspective, makes you creative, enhances your imagination, but also sharpens your thoughts.

reading a book

You can pick to start with fiction or with non-fiction depending on your preference. Also, there are various online reading platform options like Amazon Kindle, Kobo and many others.


Listen to podcasts

The best part about podcasts is irrespective of what you are doing, and wherever you are, you can still listen. Unlike watching movies, it allows you to do multiple tasks while listening. During this lockdown, while we are busy managing the household work, podcasts are the best option to continue listening while you are busy cooking, washing utensils or clothes etc.

listen to podcasts

It has become my best companion during the lockdown, for the fact that it is so flexible and readily available.


Watch a movie or Start a series

Have you already eaten Netflix and Amazon Prime? Do not worry; it is time to tune into some great short movies, series, documentaries, vlogs, etc. on Youtube and many other platforms. The best part is you will not have to pay any subscription fee to treat your eyes which are for free. Just have access to the internet, and you are all set and far away from boredom with lockdown movies.

a man browsing on You Tube


Take good care

Right from your skin, hair, body, etc. it’s the time to invest in yourself. Use homemade recipes to groom yourself, like I usually apply  (Besan + Gulab Jal, also called Rose Water) once in two weeks. It helps me retain my skin complexion and the glow. After a hectic day at home, I sometimes dip my feet in hot water mixed with rock salt. It helps me to relax before I get on the bed at night.



There is no limit to it, give your body the much-needed attention and care.


Enjoy and embrace this time!

Let me know which of the above you would enjoy doing the most while we are on house arrest.