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Daily workout ideas from your living room

Are you tired of paying the gym membership fee? Or if you are feeling lazy to travel to your gym, or if you are thinking what if it is possible to save that money without losing the benefit of staying fit.  Yes, it is possible as I have a list of workout tips at home that you can simply do in your living room, and you can set aside your hard-earned money for more important things. As easy as it sounds!

Be it a beginner, intermediate or an advanced fitness freak, we all get stuck sometimes due to the hectic schedules of everyday life. Many times, taking out time to hit the gym gets tricky, and the best way to still make sure to continue exercising is to start it in your home sweet home. Workout’s at home not only helps you save a considerable amount of your pocket but also saves a lot of your time. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, where gyms are closed like almost every other, not so-essential centres, and going out is limited to only for essential services to prevent the spread of the disease. In such times, you can continue to live a healthy life with some basic exercises just by staying at home.

All you must do is just find enough space, a pair of shoes, a bottle of water to keep you hydrated, a fresh towel and some music to keep your energy levels high. Here are some daily exercise tips to help your increase your strength, kill some calories, keeps you active, for the better blood flow, glowing skin, etc.

“do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Before I begin, I must say that though exercise is a great way to stay fit, don’t forget, your diet is equally important. I am also struggling to get it right, but I can control my cravings now as that’s the only way to get the results I want. I am not a certified fitness trainer, but I would like to try to motivate my readers as we are together in this journey of living a healthy life while making sure we do not compromise with our health and body.

I always start my workout with some 5-minute warmup exercises; as it helps prepare the body muscles for the vigorous physical activities and reduces the risk of any injury.

Warmup exercises-

  • High knees
  • Jumping jack
  • Jogging in place
  • Mountain climber (preferable to do on a mat)
  • Arm circles

I usually try to do a minimum 40-45 minutes workout at home, but you can practise as per your time availability. Let me take you all directly to a few of the various home gym ideas and exercises which are a part of my workout routine and which covers the upper and lower body.


It is a fun and flexible way to burn calories. Because of its dynamic nature, everybody can do this.

Whenever I do not feel like doing the usual exercises, I simply play some good music and start dancing with my shoes on. Try it, and you will know in time, how easy and fun it is sometimes to burn calories without much effort. There are various dance forms like hip hop, Zumba, freestyle, etc. Go with the ones you think you will enjoy the most. Many free tutorials and videos are there on YouTube.

I prefer to go for high-intensity dance movements so that I sweat and feel pumped up.


Squat jumps

It is a great exercise, and it allows you to strengthen your lower body. You can do freehand or even add weights to challenge yourself. If you are beginner, it will take some sweet time,  but don’t worry because that pain is worth it. With continues practise, you can go way far with squats.

When I started it, I started with basic squats, and I hardly was able to do it the right way. It was painful in the beginning as my body was not used to it, but with practice and guidance, now I can even do squat jumps. Yay!


Beast Shoulder Taps

From the family of planks, shoulder taps work wonders for shoulder stability, core, armpits and abdominal region. Do a minimum of 3 sets of 5-10 reps on each side and keep increasing the repetition as per your body strength and comfort.



If you want a flat tummy as bad as me, then you got to do this thrice in a week at least. I started holding it for 30 -40 seconds, now I can do 1 minute. I am practising it four times a week to get better at it. It’s a great tummy flattening tip.

Also, someone suggested me to play some music or to tune into something on the phone and keep it in front while I am holding my body weight. It worked! Why? Because it helps you to retain the position for a longer duration than usual as your mind is engaged and you do not entirely focus on the pain. It may or may not work for everyone, but you can surely give it a try.


Speed skater

I enjoy doing speed skater. It is a great way to pump your heart rate and to feel the sweat. As you go along, try and speed it up, or you can even start taking mini jumps instead of stepping. It not only strengthens your leg muscles but also improves stability.

Do it minimum for 30sec-1minute.



It is one of the classic exercises. The best part is you do not need any equipment to execute it. It is a highly effective upper body workout.

I know it is not as easy as it sounds, but you got to push yourself. Also, if you find it difficult like me, then give it a little bit twist and try to do it firstly on your knees or against a wall. This way, you will get used to the form, and later we together can try to achieve the classic form.

Start from 6- 10 and go up to as many depending on your resistance.

Chest press

Just like the name describes, it is a great exercise to build your chest muscles. The easiest is to use dumbbells, start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each time. Besides, it also helps strengthen your power of lifting, pushing and carrying. Do it correctly, and you are set to carry your shopping and grocery bags all by yourself. It shall help you in your day to day activities.

If you do not have dumbells at home, try to either lift something that weighs 2-3 kgs or more. Also, you can make two packets or take bottles by filling in some grains, sand, rocks etc. (make it as heavy as you want it to be).  Pack it nicely, and your homemade dumbells are good to go.



It targets your abdominal region and lower back. All you need is a mat. It’s one of the best forms to do by the end of your workout session to give an excellent stretch to your lower back.

I particularly find it very relaxing. I call it superwoman for myself, just to encourage the woman in me. HA.


Please Note:

  • If you have had any injuries, kindly consult your doctor before starting any workout routines.
  • While doing the workout, if your body extremely pains, end the exercise.
  • Take required breaks between each set as per the comfort and body strength.
  • If you are already feeling under the weather, take rest and do not exert yourself.
  • Stay hydrated!

There are great fitness videos and fitness tips out there on the internet, so you can always refer to the tutorials.

If you are short on time, here you go! Start now and prevent many diseases with the help of such daily workout tips. Bonus, you might live longer too!