7 Different Coffee To Try At Home

Ever felt like to save money that you otherwise spend every other day at the coffee shop? Cafés are excellent if you are out with someone, but for your everyday coffee needs, well, you can simply make delicious coffee drinks at home. The best part is, with just coffee beans, you can make numerous versions of it.

It is easier than you think!

I am a hardcore coffee person, so I have always loved exploring different coffees with much excitement. We often fear the idea of not getting the exact taste of that of coffee from café when we brew the coffee at home.


Sometimes, its either the concoction or the type of milk, or maybe the coffee powder which does not go well with the other ingredients.

And, to be honest, everything that you do and make need some patience and love to get it right

Following that, I am sharing a few of my very favourite coffees of all time. Right from cold to hot, light to strong, I have got the fantastic coffee options to help you get that perfect dose of coffee.


Café Mocha

It’s more towards the sweeter side. If you are craving for some hot and sweet beverage, café mocha is sure to solve your purpose. The much-added chocolate syrup and whipped cream (optional) makes it a perfect coffee desert.

Steal hearts of your friends with this one. You can even make a colder version of this, don’t forget to garnish it with chocolate.

girl holding coffee mug in confidence

Things you would need:

  • Skimmed milk
  • Chocolate powder
  • Coffee beans/ Coffee powder
  • Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Syrup

Irish Coffee

If you are planning an elaborate bash, Irish coffee is a perfect coffee cocktail to ensure great times. It doesn’t only look extraordinarily gorgeous in the glass mug but also give you the ideal dose to rock and roll.

Irish coffee served in the glass cup with garnishing on the side plate

Things you would need:

  • Coffee powder
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Whipped Cream

You are ready to impress!


Mom’s Coffee

On the days when I am home, almost dead, this becomes my saviour cup. It just takes 5-7 minutes, and I can just stick myself to my couch for an hour or two. Its very simple to make, and I remember, back in the days when I wanted to skip milk after school, my mom would just convince me to have her coffee to bring back my energy. I used to like it, and now it’s my quickest escape.

Just add one cup of milk in a saucepan. Add sugar as per your preference. Add ½  spoon coffee powder and just put the concoction on medium flame. Keep it for 5 minutes until the bubbles start appearing. Pour back in a cup. Pour back and forth at least thrice, and then you shall see the foam on the top of the coffee. You can add vanilla, caramel or chocolate syrup as per taste.

It’s ready. Yay!

a cup of coffee in hand during sun set

Things you would need:

  • Coffee Powder
  • Milk
  • Sugar

Surprise your people and give them a good evening with Mom’s Coffee.


Dalgona Coffee

Its thick foam-like texture, pleasant aroma, and the killer look just makes it to the top on my list. You must have heard it or seen how people were going crazy recently after Dalgona on social media. No, it’s not their fault; it is a must-try as its fun to make and is amazing in taste.

But if you are cutting on calories, then this might not be a great option, as it requires an equal amount of sugar and coffee powder. Once in a while, won’t make you fat though.

coffee in white and with brown froth with almonds on the side

Things you would need:

  • Coffee powder
  • Cup
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Milk

It is sure to give one great Instagram post as you won’t be able to resist capturing the beauty.


Filter Coffee

It originated from South India and is now known all around the globe for its authentic taste. Filter Coffee is an excellent choice for hot coffee lovers. It is easy to make. It kind of takes me back in time because of its overall look, taste and the vibes.

filter coffee served in traditional South Indian style

Things you would need:

  • Filter coffee utensils
  • Sugar
  • Coffee powder
  • Water

Its simplicity makes it so indulgent.


Black Coffee/ Espresso

It’s the healthiest, and the easiest to prepare. I usually take it in the morning as it just helps pump up the energy levels. It’s a great choice to kick start your day and also works wonders before an intense workout.

It’s almost like cold brew coffee. Its iced coffee while black is hot.

One thing’s for sure, though; black coffee can be challenging if you have a sweet coffee tooth. It took me a while to develop my taste for black coffee. Also, you start by adding little coffee powder in the initial days and later, you can make it as strong as you want.

You can even add little vanilla powder or syrup or even almond syrup to add some sweetness to it if you find it too strong for your taste (wouldn’t recommend, as it will entirely kill the purpose). Just so you know.

black coffee with beans and french press machine

Things you would need:

  • Coffee Powder/Beans
  • Water

A powerpack espresso shot is enough to shake you up.


Classic Cappucino

You are never far away from a great cup of cappuccino. Its simple and yet satisfying taste makes it popular everywhere. Whether you are starting your work or almost ending your evening, a cup of cappuccino will never fail to uplift your energies and get you going for the rest of the day.

a cup of cappuccino

Things you would need:

  • Coffee powder
  • Milk
  • Whisk
  • Water
  • Milk Steamer (Optional)

A lot can happen over a cup of cappuccino

coffee beans with a stick of flower

Who said you couldn’t get an authentic taste of coffee at home? Its time you try these and have a great time without running out to cafes.

Life is short, so go ahead and own your cup of happiness!

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