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    Sanitizers have become synonyms with the lockdown. Why wouldnโ€™t it be? It is one of the things that helped us minimize the risk during these tough times. Who would have thought that the novel coronavirus would change the world in ways we never could imagine, unfortunately, it did and is still doing it. We all have seen the tremendous impact it has on various industries, corporates, manufacturers, technology while travel and tourism are the one closest to most people. People are legitimately concerned to put travel on cards, primary reasons being safety concerns, risks associated with travel and not to mention travel restrictions across domestic and international borders. More than…

  • night sky with stars

    I Wish For A Kinder World!

    An Incident That Came As A Shock But Acted As An Eye Opener SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT: We Honour Your Life And You Will Always Be Remembered A Tribute To A Brilliant Actor Who Even When Gone, Has Taught Us A…

  • view of the house from the window

    All you need is love.

    John Lennon

    Home: your venue for all celebrations

    If it’s your birthday, anniversary, promotion, or any celebration, shout out loud and be happy about it. And if you are upset or do not know how to celebrate special days amid lockdown, then you have come to the right…

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    7 Different Coffee To Try At Home

    Ever felt like to save money that you otherwise spend every other day at the coffee shop? Cafรฉs are excellent if you are out with someone, but for your everyday coffee needs, well, you can simply make delicious coffee drinks…

  • a space full of indoor plants

    9 Benefits of Indoor Plants

    We all have been planting small-big tropical and subtropical indoor plants in our homes, but do we even know the benefits of it? Or have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I planting it.” Mostly, we do it either because…